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Need to
Magnumize your business?
The idea of launching a business in new markets and guiding it through policy makers, cultural hurdles
and the local embeddedness to deliver is a daunting thought.

Why Magnumize?

  • We have 33 years of business experience across IT, Manufacturing, Food, Real-Estate, Education, Media, Pharma, Garments, Construction and Consulting
  • We have established Collaboration with global premuim technology & business school research labs and teaching faculty.
  • Well established relationship with Governments, Policy Makers, Trade Commissions and Statutory boards
  • We have excellent hold on local culture, protocols, processes and ways of working to swiftly manage through most market entry barriers
  • We provide Plug & play infrastructure with short turn-around-time for initial project office set-up in new local market and shared support staff at optimized cost
  • We are in the network of local joint venture partners looking for partnership with investments and capability

The meaning of Magnumize Is
to make your business BIG


Our research services are run by in-house subject matter experts who understand what regional clients (east & west) want, and can interface and effectively leverage the capabilities of our cross-geography experts, to offer the most effective investigations.


Sales enablement is a continuous process that equips the lean sales teams of our customers or their digital sales platforms


Magnumize has its own lab environment and a large network of Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) and Accreditation Commission

Business Ops-as-a-Service

We understand the competence landscape, gaps, work culture, performance style, pricing and labor laws of the local market.

Business Adm-as-a-Service

We have a professional team of people from finance, taxation, consulting

Business Growth Hub Services

Our Acquisition services are run by in-house subject matter experts who understand what regional clients (east & west) want


The Worlds Most Trusted Delivery Network for Digital Business Growth.


To enable a digital world of trusted partners across the globe that overcome geographic silos and together grow their businesses in terms of market share, consumption, revenue, profits and eventually get bigger.


Incubator for organizations to venture into new markets and outsell their solutions / services in collaboration with trusted local partners.


All services delivered by Magnumize are designed for specific purpose and executed as a series of aligned activities that secure maximum success of our customers in target markets with reduced risk


Our philosophy

Help sustainable good solutions to reach the market that needs it most to achieve their Digital Vision

Help businesses to grow beyond the boundaries of geographical silos to achieve bigger success

Contact us

We aim to answer all digital requests within 24 hours

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